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Pre Surgery Care

Avoid wearing any garment that needs to wear from head such as T-shirt or under-shirt. Rather, you can wear regular or formal shirts to prevent touching of the head.

Avoid taking any medicines that make your blood thinner. Taking a 500mg ceftum twice a day is recommended, but consulting your HT surgeon for any prevention is suggested.

If you got dandruff issues, then it is better to apply anti-dandruff shampoo and try some other remedies to remove dandruff from your hair before going for this surgery.

Wash your hair properly with a good shampoo before coming to the clinic for this procedure. But, kindly avoid applying any oil, spray or gel.

Don't smoke or drink before a few days of your surgery

If you are taking Minoxidil, Finasteride, etc. then start avoiding it 3 weeks prior your surgery.

If you are already suffering from a medical problem, then don't delay to share it with your HT doctor.

Don't skip your breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat a proper meal, especially before coming to the clinic for the surgery.

Avoid bringing valuables such as gold to the clinic.

Try not to come alone as it will be better if you can bring any friend or family member with you. Someone should be there, especially to bring you home back after this surgery, because doctors don't recommend driving immediately after this surgery.

Go for the required tests like blood test, etc. before 2 days prior to the surgery. Also, make sure the doctor has received your reports on time.

If you have grey hair then better if you can colour them black before going for the surgery.

If you are going for a body hair transplant, then make sure you shave the donor area hairs exactly before 4 days of your treatment day.

A little exercise for head to increase scalp's blood circulation is also recommended before going for this surgery.

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